• George Scorsis and his professional accomplishments

  • Posted on May 12, 2019
  • George Scorsis is one of the few people who succeeded in handling businesses with strict regulations such as alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, and medical cannabis. He has a stellar professional accomplishment; something that only a few people will be able to achieve. He has assumed executive positions in some of the most highly reputable companies in the world. What makes him truly one of a kind is that he was successful in leading these companies to growth and success.

    George Scorsis Work Experience

    George is armed with his over 15 years of experience in the business. It made him a valuable player to the company. Throughout his professional career, he had been to many different companies and some of them are the following:
    1. Liberty Health SciencesGeorge Scorsis worked with one of the leading cannabis suppliers in the United States. He was the chief executive officer and director of the company for over two years. The company’s vision is aligned to that of Scorsis and that is to provide a high-quality cannabis experience based on genuine care for cannabis users. The company’s direction under his management revolves around achieving operational excellence from seed to sale.
    2. Red Bull Canada – Scorsis worked for over four years with Red Bull Canada. He was the President of the company and his leadership direction yields towards restricting the organization. He focused on the company’s operations and geographical reach. The company has grown in revenue; a total of $150 million to be exact.
    3. Health Canada – As someone who has been with Red Bull Canada for over four years, George was asked by Health Canada to help draw the guidelines in regulating energy drink. On top of this, George also created a corporate-owned distribution version in the highly volatile market.
    4. Scythian Biosciences Corporation – For a short period of time, George was the chairman of the board of directors of Scythian Biosciences Corporation. It is an organization that conducts research to further advance the treatment modalities for traumatic brain injury using cannabis-based drugs and cannabis-related pursuits.
    5. Mettrum Health Corporation – Scorsis served as the President of Mettrum Health Corporation, a leading cannabis provider in America. He was instrumental in improving the market value of the company. Mettrum has achieved a total of $430 million in sales.
    The professional accomplishments of George Scorsis made him a great addition to any companies, especially those operating in the highly regulated market such as the companies mentioned above.

    Additional Information About George Scorsis

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    George Scorsis and Liberty Health Sciences

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